“Who are you to plan our family?” Attempts at Family Planning with Syrian Displaced and Refugees

Speaker: Marianna Tabbah
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: T-Marbouta Library
Address: Hamra Street, Beirut

In this talk, Marianna will address current issues in reproductive health and family planning programs for Syrian refugees and displaced people, and the reasons for the limited success of existing projects and sessions in changing prevailing behavior patterns. Marianna will shed light on the ways in which such programs have adopted a top-down prescriptive approach that fails to foster communication and trust-building and lacks an understanding of the target culture and the importance of involving individuals themselves in the development of solutions.

Speaker highlight
Marianna Tabbah is a researcher in the field of transitional justice, social justice, and social change, with a focus on youth issues and participation in public life. She works on the preparation of information materials and brochures and interactive training for youth. Marianna was a health trainer at the Syrian Red Crescent in different centers for displaced Syrians in 2012. She has also provided research support in the preparation of a draft national plan for young people in the ESCWA, and in the formation of several youth alliances with support from UNDP and the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme. She is currently working with BBC Media Action.


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