The municipal elections under a gender lens: What are we monitoring? Why are we monitoring?

Date: 26- May- 2016

Place: Bardo


Speakers: Zeina El Helou & Abbas Abou Zeid
Moderator: Nay El Rahi

In this talk, Abbas Abou Zeid will explain the electoral processes in Lebanon, both parliamentary and municipal, and address the elections’ monitoring mechanisms, technicalities and importance in lobbying for electoral reforms. Zeina El Helou will unpack the gendered dimensions of elections in Lebanon and explore the links between our current electoral laws and women’s political participation in electoral processes. By explaining LADE’s methodology and approach to observing elections from a gendered perspective, Zeina will reveal the significance, added value and practical results of this exercise. Finally, the talk will launch a discussion on practical steps to reform electoral laws and render electoral processes more democratic, transparent and gender-sensitive. (Note: This talk will be held in Arabic

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