The experience of women film-makers in Lebanon: An encounter with Chantal Partamian


If being a filmmaker is tough and being a female filmmaker is particularly tough, then being a female filmmaker in the “Middle East” is an even bigger challenge for three main reasons: First the local industry, if we can call it such and second the reliance on foreign resources, and third the fetish and the western gaze at women from the middle east that always situate us in a minefield of ideology pragmatism.

Speaker highlight

Chantal Partmian holds a Masters I, Études cinématographiques et audiovisuelles and a Master II, Documentary Production | Film-making CinéCours : Film Director and Film Production certificate. Chantal Partamian’s main work focuses around issues of migration, identity, gender and conflict. It includes the award winning documentary Dear N. shot during the 2006 Lebanese war as well as the Jismi Campaign: A series of videos focused on gender and bodily rights and The Anti Racism campaign. Partamian also worked as a Senior Editor on Lebanese TV series and documentaries and as a trainer in Guerilla film-making, social media and film and film critique. Partamian’s main obsession is the super8mm format.


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