A Barbie’s Mansion or a Construction Site: Inside the Patriarchal Space


In this talk, Jana will address the interrelation between gender and space, the space that we occupy, appropriate and change.

Does “space” possess a gender identity? What are the spaces that are inclusive of women? Is it possible to talk about spaces that refuse/oppress men/women? This talk will attempt to challenge the unconscious experience of place by spatializing the patriarchal system, looking for possible negotiation routes and examining alternative outcomes.

Speaker highlight

Jana Nakhal has a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture, and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning, and has been working since 2006 in discovering the multiple meanings and paradigms of the ‘production of space’. Jana also writes for Al-Akhbar and Assafir newspapers in Lebanon. For three years, Jana lived in Tyr in the south of Lebanon, conducting ethnographic research to write her Master’s thesis about legality, low income housing and the production of space in the absence of building laws. She is also working on developing tools to study and understand camps and slums, especially in marginalized areas, and is active in informal worker unions and student organizing in Beirut.


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